Juliasra of the Hana

A child of the Steppe and Eorzea

The Woman

Oath Sister, Mother, Caretaker, Healer. Calm and serene, Julia does her best to care for those she loves, making sure they are well fed and healthy. Often the voice of reason and able to keep her cool, this former mercenary has laid down her sword and seeks a life of peace and love. Dedicated and devoted, one would be hard pressed to find a more stalwart ally or determined enemy.

Raised in Eorzea

At the age of 12 Juliasra was captured by the Garlean Empire and held as a test subject for magi-tech experiments. Rescued a year later, she was taken to Eorzea by her rescuer and raised by foster parents in Limsa Lominsa. Until a chance meeting over 10 years later with the Xaela who would become her new kin, Julia perhaps would have lived her life without knowing much of her Xaela roots. As such, her perspective is different than a Xaela born and raised on the Steppe.

Upon rediscovering her roots, she has embraced the peaceful ways of her heritage and is a mercenary no more. While she will fight to defend herself and her kin, she prefers now to assist others rather than fight.

She has a young child, Haruko, who is a Raen. She hopes to have more someday, although she recognizes she will likely have to adopt.

Julia is a lesbian, having no real attraction to males, and she finds the macho, assertive attitude of most Steppe Xaela males to be irritating to outright infuriating.

She believes her age to be 28 winters, but her memory of everything prior to her arrival in Eorzea is spotty and as such she cannot say for certain what her age is.

While appearing to be serious, she has a dry sense of humor and a sharp wit and enjoys a good drink and dancing when the mood strikes her.

Steppe Ramen

Located in Shirogane, Ward 18, Plot 27, Steppe Ramen serves up ramen dishes that fuse Hingan and Steppe flavors.

Current Menu:
1. Miso Ramen: miso tare, chicken broth, roast pork shoulder, soft boiled egg, spring onions, fish cake, noodles. 500 gil
2. Steppe Ramen: shio tare, clear pork broth, flame grilled dzo, grilled sheep's tail fat, shredded cabbage, crushed garlic, spring onions, noodles. 750 gil
3. Dotharli Fire Ramen: spicy miso tare, chicken broth, spicy ground dzo, soft boiled egg, pickled radish slices, spring onions, Hingan red pepper, noodles. 1000 gil

Drinks: Iced Spring Water, Steppe Airag, Sake, Doman Tea

Hours of Operation

Mondays: 7-9:30pm CST
Private Openings and Reservations upon request.

Help Wanted

Currently seeking 1 to 2 people who would be able to assist in a server/waitress role. Please contact in game to discuss further.

The Hana - Kha

The Hana were an offshoot of the Kha tribe. Formed roughly 150 years ago when their founder left the Kha, taking with him roughly forty followers. They rejected the warlike ways of their Xaela kin and the creation myth of Azim and Nhaama. Xaela and Raen, the color of the horns mattered not, only what was in the soul.

The tribe lived on the fringes of the Steppe, avoiding combat (except in self defense) and instead seeking enlightenment and a better path. They were open to any Xaela or Raen who wished to join. They believed in reincarnation, but not as the Dotharl did, not as a never ending cycle of a warriors death and rebirth, but of a cycle of improvement until one could achieve enlightenment - and that did not come from war and violence.

The Hana were massacred by the Garlean Empire approximately 16 years ago, the bodies left in a mass grave on the southern fringes of the Steppe. Only a few escaped.

Their Future

While Julia has a sister who she briefly located before vanishing again, the only Hana are Julia and her daughter. While the Hana may not become a tribe on the Steppe again, Julia wishes to preserve as much of their ways so she can pass them down to her child and any future children, so that even if the tribe name fades away, it's teachings do not.

Plot and Development

Julia is always on the look out for any scrap of lore or information she can about the traditions and history of her tribe. This had led her to explore various ruins, seeking out lost tomes or artifacts. Julia is also curious about new food and new sensations. She will explore new lands to find new ingredients or new flavors. On one of her final missions as a warrior, Julia found a mysterious katana that was imbued with elemental spirits. She has held onto the blade ever since, but suspects that the time is drawing near when she should pass it on to someone who will use it to defend the weak against the tyranny of the strong.Julia is a single mother and seeks to find a female partner to share her days with. Someone who could help raise her daughter, and any other children the future may bring.Julia was a prisoner of the Garlean Empire and was a test subject for a purpose unknown to her. She has been resistant to delving deeper into her past, but recent events may cause her to reconsider that.

Long Term Expectations

Julia's player has a rather busy schedule and will not be available to RP every day. Open to Discord RP both for slice of life and progression RPCharacters and players that dislike children should probably look elsewhere. Julia has a daughter, who will be around for some scenes, and if you can't handle that, too bad.

Roleplay and Experience

Over 20 years of tabletop role play experience.
Have been roleplaying Julia for over 2 years.
Open to in game or Discord RP.


Open and comfortable with mature and dark RP, although anything involving harm to children, non-consent/mind control or excessive gore is a hard No.